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Thai cooking classes

Attend our Thai cooking classes and cooking workshops, and learn yourself how to cook well-known Thai dishes
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Indonesian cooking class cooking Ikan Pepesan

Thai cooking class

The duration of a Thai cooking class with traditional and streetfood dishes is 3 hours. First, I introduce myself and tell you about my Asian roots and passion for Asian cuisines.

You learn about specific flavors, aroma's, history, uses and combinations of key ingredients of Thai cuisine.

I guide you step by step how to combine these ingredients, how to cook Thai curry pastes, and various delicious and tasteful dishes.

Finally, you enjoy the dishes that you have cooked yourself, thān h̄ı̂ xr̀xy na (enjoy your meal)!

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Thai private cooking class or open group cooking class?

  • Both private cooking classes as well as open group cooking classes are possible for a maximum of 25 people. Larger groups are only possible on request.
  • The minimum group size for a Thai private cooking class is 10 people.

  • As an individual or couple you can sign up for a Thai open group cooking class. Please see below for upcoming dates for open group Thai cooking classes. You can book and pay online. Are there no dates or just a few dates available? This means unfortunately that the open group cooking workshops are fully booked already.

  • The group size for a Thai open group cooking workshop is max 14 people. This ensures that there is enough room for personal guidance and asking questions.
  • We always take into account everyone's dietary requirements and allergies.

    The group is divided into small groups of 2 people. Each group cooks 1 or 2 Thai dishes. At the end of the cooking workshop a Thai tasting menu consisting of my favorite dishes is cooked and eaten afterwards, enjoy!

Attend our Thai cooking classes

"Incredible experience and Thai flavors"

We chose the Thai food workshop, the experience was very pleasant, full of stories and the flavors! Super recommend!

Martin, Amsterdam

Our mission

Our mission is to make Thai cuisine accessible to everyone. We often notice that our guests think that:

  1. Thai cuisine is extremely difficult
  2. Thai cuisine is only for advanced cooks
  3. Thai cuisine takes a long time
  4. Thai curry pastes should be bought at supermarkets

  • With our 3,5 hour Thai cooking class we want to show you that Thai cuisine can be very accessible, even for novice cooks.
  • Furthermore, we are happy to show you how you can cook several Thai dishes in less than 2 hours.
  •   We use ingredients that are available everywhere, and the curry pastes are made 'from scratch'.
Thai green curry from the Thai cooking class of Amsterdam Cooking Workshops

Learn how to cook famous Thai dishes in less than 2 hours

Thai ingredients of the Thai cooking class of Amsterdam Cooking Workshops

1. Key ingredients of Thai cuisine

Authentic Thai cooking starts with the right ingredients. However, you find many variants and brands of certain ingredients in the Asian supermarket or Indonesian toko. We explain which ingredients and brands are best to use, and why we use them.
Thai curry pastes from the Thai cooking class of Amsterdam Cooking Workshops

2. Thai curry pastes

Proper Thai curry pastes are one of the most important parts of Thai cuisine. We don't like ready-made curry pastes, and of course we teach you how to easily prepare delicious curry pastes yourself.
Thai green curry from the Thai cooking class of Amsterdam Cooking Workshops

3. Thai dishes

After you have made the Thai curry pastes, it's time to start cooking! We teach you step by step how to cook several Thai dishes. Of course we take your dietary preferences, and possible allergies into account when composing the menu. Sample menu:

  • Thai soup: Tom Kha Gai (coconut soup) / Tom Yum Goong (prawn soup) / Geng Som Pla (fish soup)
  • Thai curry: Geng Phed Gai (red curry) / Geng Gwio Warn Gai (green curry) / Geng Bpa Bpet (jungle curry)
  • Thai streetfood: Pad Kee Mao (drunken noodles), Pad Krapao (Thai favorite!), Pad See Ew (soy sauce noodles)
  • Thai steamed yasmin rice
Thai dishes of the Thai cooking class of Amsterdam Cooking Workshops

4. Thān h̄ı̂ xr̀xy na!

In other words, enjoy your meal! After you have cooked the Thai dishes, we'll make sure dinner is served. Take a seat at the table and be surprised by the interplay of scents and colors on your plate. We share recipes and locations where to buy ingredients afterwards.
Thai cooking workshop guests at Amsterdam Cooking Workshops

What our guests are saying

Kun-Chieh, Utrecht

Fun cooking workshop!

"We asked David to host a Thai cooking workshop for a group of 14 people. Within the 3.5 hours, my colleagues and myself had learned a lot about the Thai ingredients and cuisines from David. Most importantly, our team had so much fun cooking together. It's a great activity for teambuilding."

Wilma - Amsterdam

Time Really Flies!

"I am far from what they call a 'master chef' but David gave really nice, clear instruction and I was far more engaged that I ever expected considering it was online. The workshop took 2 hours but the time really flew and I genuinely learned a lot about Thai cooking, the origin of the ingredients and some neat tricks I have already used in my own time. A really nice team activity or night with friends."

Marjolein, Amsterdam

Very nice, tasty and cozy!

"How nice to cook something different! We attended the Thai workshop and made delicious dishes. Also nice to not make 'standard' Thai dishes, but something completely different. There were two of us (RIVM guideline) which was very pleasant. David gave an excellent explanation about the ingredients, where to buy in Amsterdam, and of course how to prepare them. Highly recommended and always fun.... and especially now in Corona a nice and cozy outing!"

Locations Thai cooking classes

We use multiple locations for our Indonesian, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese cooking classes:

Bilderdijkstraat, Amsterdam (West)

We host private cooking classes for groups from 10 up to 25 people, team outings, and open group cooking classes at Bilderdijkstraat 175h in Amsterdam (Gallery 3). During the day this is a lunch restaurant, and in the evening we use this location for our cooking classes. Expect a relaxed restaurant setting. This location is available on Mondays and Tuesdays from 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM. From Wednesday to Sunday from 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM.

Beukenplein, Amsterdam (Oost)

We also host private cooking classes for groups from 10 to 15 people, team outings, and open group cooking classes at Beukenplein 18h in Amsterdam (Sterren van de Hemel). This location is daily available from 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM.

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