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Indonesian cooking classes

Attend our Indonesian cooking classes and cooking workshops, and learn how to cook well-known Indonesian dishes
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Indonesian cooking class cooking Ikan Pepesan

Indonesian cooking class

Depending on the form, the duration of an English-spoken Indonesian cooking class is 3,5 hours. First, our chef introduces himself and tells you about his Asian roots and passion for Asian cuisines.

You learn about specific flavors, aroma's, history, uses and combinations of key ingredients of Indonesian cuisine.

We guide you step by step how to combine these ingredients, to make Indonesian spice pastes, and cook a variety of delicious and tasteful dishes.

Finally, you enjoy the dishes that you have cooked yourself, selamat makan (enjoy your meal)!

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Indonesian private cooking class or open group cooking class?

  • Both private cooking classes as well as open group cooking classes are possible for a maximum of 25 people. Larger groups are only possible on request. 
  • The minimum group size for an Indonesian private cooking class is 10 people.

  • As an individual or couple you can sign up for an Indonesian open group cooking class. Please see below for upcoming dates for open group Indonesian cooking classes. You can book and pay online. Are there no dates or just a few dates available? This means unfortunately that the open group cooking workshops are fully booked already.

  • The group size for an Indonesian open group cooking workshop is max 14 people. This ensures that there is enough room for personal guidance and asking questions.
  • We always take into account everyone's dietary requirements and allergies.

    The group is divided into small groups of 2 people. Each group cooks 2 Indonesian dishes. At the end of the cooking workshop an extensive Indonesian rice table of about 12 dishes has been cooked and eaten afterwards, selamat makan!

Attend our Indonesian cooking classes

"Absolutely amazing, gained knowledge and cooking skills"

David is an amazing teacher. He is very polite, respectful and professional. He gave us an introduction to the Indonesian cuisine. We started off with an intro round and background knowledge about Indonesia, his personal background etc. We learned 5 dishes in just a few hours. We will definitely come back!

Lisa, Vienna

Our mission

Our mission is to make Indonesian cuisine accessible to everyone. We often notice that our guests think that:

  1. Indonesian cuisine is extremely difficult
  2. Indonesian cuisine is only for advanced cooks
  3. Indonesian cuisine takes a long time
  4. Indonesian sambals and bumbu's can only be made with a mortar and pestle.

  • With our 3,5 hour Indonesian cooking class we want to show you that Indonesian cuisine can be very accessible, even for novice cooks.
  • Furthermore, we are happy to show you how you can cook a small Indonesian rice table (Nasi Rames / Campur) with 5 dishes in less than 2 hours.
  •   We use ingredients that are available everywhere, and the bumbu's are made 'from scratch'.
Indonesian cooking workshop by Amsterdam Cooking Workshops

Learn how to cook a small Indonesian rice table in less than 2 hours

Ingredients Indonesian cooking class by Amsterdam Cooking Workshops

1. Key ingredients of Indonesian cuisine

Authentic Indonesian cooking starts with the right ingredients. However, you find many variants and brands of certain ingredients in the Asian supermarket or Indonesian toko. We explain which ingredients and brands are best to use, and why we use them.
Indonesian spice pastes, bumbu, from the Indonesian cooking class of Amsterdam Cooking Workshops

2. Indonesian spice pastes

Besides our homemade sambals, a proper Indonesian bumbu is one of the most important parts of Indonesian cuisine. We don't like ready-made ones, and of course we will teach you how to easily prepare delicious bumbu's yourself.
Indonesian dishes of the Indonesian cooking class of Amsterdam Cooking Workshops

3. Indonesian dishes

After you have made the bumbu's, it's time to start cooking! We teach you step by step how to cook 5 authentic Indonesian dishes. Of course we take your dietary preferences and possible allergies into account when composing the menu. Sample menu:

  • Ayam Rica / Ayam Panggang Kecap / Kara Ayam Jawa / Dendeng Age
  • Ikan Bali / Mangut Ikan / Ikan Bakar / Sambal Goreng Udang Peteh
  • Terong Balado / Kangkung Tumis Terasi / Orak Arik / Ketoprak / Lotek
  • Acar Ketimun
  • Nasi Putih
Indonesian rice table dishes of the Indonesian cooking class of Amsterdam Cooking Workshops

4. Selamat makan!

In other words, enjoy your meal! After you have cooked the Indonesian dishes, we'll make sure dinner is served. Take a seat at the table and be surprised by the interplay of scents and colors on your plate. We share recipes and locations where to buy ingredients afterwards.
Indonesian cooking class group at Amsterdam Cooking Workshops

What our guests are saying

Grace, Amsterdam

A great afternoon learning lots about Indonesian cooking and culture!

"We had a really great afternoon with David. He gave us a brief introduction to himself, his heritage, and Indonesia! Then we cooked 5 different dishes and enjoyed eating them afterwards. David speaks English and Dutch fluently and made us both feel very comfortable. We learnt a lot and look forward to learning more!"

Sofia, Noordwijk

Informative and personable

"Our experience was absolutely lovely. Upon arrival we were taught a bit of history about David and his passion for Indonesian cuisine. I really enjoyed that part as it gave me a better understanding about what it was we were about to cook. The cooking experience itself was very welcoming and wholesome. David and super down to earth and is eager to get to know who he’s teaching as well. The food itself was so delicious...I learned a lot in this course."

Warren, Amsterdam

A life lesson from a fantastic teacher

"Wonderful lesson. David is a fantastic, well spoken and informative teacher. I had never been exposed to Indonesian cooking before and the meals we prepared have quickly found their way into my weekly cooking schedule. I would highly encourage this class to anyone. The meals are tasty, the atmosphere is pleasant and the David is an amazing host."

Locations Indonesian cooking classes

We use multiple locations for our Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese cooking classes:

Bilderdijkstraat, Amsterdam (West)

We host private cooking classes for groups from 10 up to 25 people, team outings, and open group cooking classes at Bilderdijkstraat 175h in Amsterdam (Gallery 3). During the day this is a lunch restaurant, and in the evening we use this location for our cooking classes. Expect a relaxed restaurant setting. This location is available on Mondays and Tuesdays from 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM. From Wednesday to Sunday from 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM.

Beukenplein, Amsterdam (Oost)

We also host private cooking classes for groups from 10 to 15 people, team outings, and open group cooking classes at Beukenplein 18h in Amsterdam (Sterren van de Hemel). This location is daily available from 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM.

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